The scary story of how I lost my silver

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I was devastated! Two months of hard work gone – literally. It’s two days before my relaunch exhibition ‘Transforming Treasures’, and I get a call from the Gallery saying they hadn’t received my work. …and that the tracking code I sent them came up blank. Various calls & speed peddling-cycling-trips to the post office later and […]

The Story behind Project Silverware:Remade*

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*formerly referred to under the working tittle TransForming Treasures. I’m trying out different tittles as the project evolves to see which one resonates best with me – as of now I think Silverware: Remade describes the core of my project in a simpler more transparent fashion. And I’m all for keeping it simple & transparent. […]

Slow the F··K Down

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In our fast moving world where it’s become a symbol a status, strength and admiration to be a fast, efficient and multitasking monster. We cram more and more into our lives – at the expense of appreciating the most important, yet common things. Such as enjoying a meal. When was the last time you really […]

How to TransFORM a spoon

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Project: TransForming Treasures I’ve started a new project under the working tittle TransFORMing Treasures. It’s about giving old silver (and jewellery later on) new form. I, and I’ve discovered, a lot of you, have old silver lying unused in drawers, cupboards and storage, either because it’s style or functionality is out of date. If it has […]

Planning ahead

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Planning my year When a year ends and a new begins, a lot of us has the tradition to look back at the year that has passed, learn from it and then set goals for the year to come. Really, this can be done at any time of year – but I find that around […]

30 photos in 30 days

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  Why photograph my workbench for 30 days? My intentions was to see my work and the way i work from the outside in, or at least from a different perspective. Put my work and my process in context, learn to photograph my process and communicate my passion and inspiration. I was also hoping it […]

Embarking on a jewellery adventure

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Why I’m starting to make jewellery after almost 10 years of religiously not doing it? First I want to tell you why I didn’t venture into the world of jewellery. I’m a fan of focus and simplicity. I like, and try, to keep the things I do as specific and well-defined as possible. Trying to […]

Help me help financially hard-pressed families

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Christmas is a time for giving – I think we all know that. But it’s also a time for receiving. Some families don’t have enough to give from, and their children should, in my opinion, not be left out of the generous christmas giving spirit. So let us, who have some to spare, help them receive […]

Christmas hygge

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You know, in November when the shops start putting their Christmas decoration up and even though you know you’ll be fed up with it round about the time December starts, you still feel a rush of anticipation and excitement for the holiday to come? I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love getting great […]