Slow the F··K Down

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In our fast moving world where it’s become a symbol a status, strength and admiration to be a fast, efficient and multitasking monster. We cram more and more into our lives – at the expense of appreciating the most important, yet common things. Such as enjoying a meal. When was the last time you really […]

Help me help financially hard-pressed families

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Christmas is a time for giving – I think we all know that. But it’s also a time for receiving. Some families don’t have enough to give from, and their children should, in my opinion, not be left out of the generous christmas giving spirit. So let us, who have some to spare, help them receive […]

Christmas hygge

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You know, in November when the shops start putting their Christmas decoration up and even though you know you’ll be fed up with it round about the time December starts, you still feel a rush of anticipation and excitement for the holiday to come? I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas. I love getting great […]

How to find out if your silver is silver!

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Tiffany has just launched their new metal Rubedo™. It’s a beautiful rose coloured metal, said to be lightweight but strong, with a smooth lustre. It should have the richness of gold, the malleability of silver and the warmth of copper – yet the components of the metal – also known as the alloy – is […]