Slow The F**K Down

Slow the F··K Down

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In our fast moving world where it’s become a symbol a status, strength and admiration to be a fast, efficient and multitasking monster. We cram more and more into our lives – at the expense of appreciating the most important, yet common things. Such as enjoying a meal. When was the last time you really […]

How to TransFORM a spoon

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Project: TransForming Treasures I’ve started a new project under the working tittle TransFORMing Treasures. It’s about giving old silver (and jewellery later on) new form. I, and I’ve discovered, a lot of you, have old silver lying unused in drawers, cupboards and storage, either because it’s style or functionality is out of date. If it has […]


30 photos in 30 days

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  Why photograph my workbench for 30 days? My intentions was to see my work and the way i work from the outside in, or at least from a different perspective. Put my work and my process in context, learn to photograph my process and communicate my passion and inspiration. I was also hoping it […]


How to make a piece in silver in 7.50 minutes

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Last Friday I received the  ‘Silversmith of the Year’ prize at Koldinghus Museum. At the same time the retrospective exhibition of my work through the last 8-9 years opened as well. Here’s a photo of me recieving the prize. As part of the exhibition, you can see a short film of me making the piece that […]

Would you like to join me in my workshop?

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I’ve got an email from the restaurant Geranium, saying they would like an extra pair of top candle stick holders for the candle sticks I made for them last summer. I’d like to invite you to join me in the workshop to see how I made them. Click on the video to watch.