How to TransFORM a spoon


Project: TransForming Treasures

I’ve started a new project under the working tittle TransFORMing Treasures. It’s about giving old silver (and jewellery later on) new form.

I, and I’ve discovered, a lot of you, have old silver lying unused in drawers, cupboards and storage, either because it’s style or functionality is out of date. If it has emotional value attached, such as being in the family for generations, you don’t just sell it to scrap.

But what to do with it?

Inspired by what the jewellery industry has been doing for centuries, I thought that maybe it didn’t need to be melted in order to become something new – maybe all it needed was to be given a new form and/or function by working on it a bit more.

So that’s what this project is about exploring. TransFORMing Treasures.

This film shows a silver-plated tablespoon being transFORMed into a measuring tbsp, great as a coffee scoop or when baking.