Help me help financially hard-pressed families


Christmas is a time for giving – I think we all know that.

But it’s also a time for receiving.

Some families don’t have enough to give from, and their children should, in my opinion, not be left out of the generous christmas giving spirit. So let us, who have some to spare, help them receive gifts and extra food, to mark this special time of year.

This year, I’m donating all my profits from my Christmas Decorations to a Danish Charity called Mødre Hjælpen , who help financially hard-pressed families.

X-masDecs04I’m giving to them, because I’m grateful for having received help from them at a time when I needed it, and now I want to pass that on.

So help me help, by purchasing a Christmas decoration in my shop or on Etsy.

Remember ALL my PROFIT goes to Mødre Hjælpen.

In January I’ll announce how much we donated.

Please share this post, so more can benefit.