Embarking on a jewellery adventure


Why I’m starting to make jewellery after almost 10 years of religiously not doing it?

First I want to tell you why I didn’t venture into the world of jewellery. I’m a fan of focus and simplicity. I like, and try, to keep the things I do as specific and well-defined as possible. Trying to do and be everything for everyone, doesn’t work for me, and perfecting my skills and designs in silversmithing* was more than plenty for me. Plus the area of jewellery is so big, it felt like learning a whole new language. Still does.

So why start now?

Well, jewellery has something in the personal emotional department, silver doesn’t. Something I’m getting curious about.

Silverware speaks of the importance of the actions we perform, functions that are meaningful to us in some way. Lighting a candle in a silver candlestick to set an atmosphere or mood, or setting the table with silverware to mark the importance of a meal.

Jewellery on the other hand is a lot more personal. It speaks of you, of who you are and what you stand for. Wearing it on the body, makes it so much more intimate.


Jewellery speaks of identity and love.

It speaks of the many sides that make up who you are, and how you want to be perceived. Some jewellery is worn all the time and is very personal, and some is used to dress a specific occasion, to create the identity or style you need: business, casual, feminine, bold and many more.

It speaks of who you want to be and what you value. Are you a classic diamonds and gold kind of person, a trendy, always wearing the latest hip accessories girl, or maybe more the bohemian type who loves symbols and the healing power of stones or something entirely different?

But most importantly, I think, jewellery signifies love. Love between people: engagement rings, wedding rings, presents you give to the people you love, at the birth of your child, the anniversary or celebration.

And that connection, the one of identity and love is what I’m drawn to. I’m getting curious about what my kind of jewellery would look like – So, I’m embarking on a jewellery adventure to find out.

*Silversmithing, silver and silverware – referring to the trade meaning, i.e. the making of silver tableware and objects in silver – not silver jewellery.