My 2012 Silver Manifesto


Being a silversmith is to me, first and foremost about communicating ideas about what role silverware plays in contemporary society.

I believe, silverware as we know it from grandma’s drawers, have had its time, and I think its a unfair struggle to try to redefine and develop the trade in it’s original form. The history and traditions surrounding silverware talks about it as a luxury version of our functional tableware. But our contemporary society is on a different route and if we want to keep silverware as an art form, it’s important to innovate those traditions.

I believe its my responsibility as a silversmith, designer, craftsman and idea generator to explore what silvers new role could be. In my latest work my focus has been around silverware as a decorative and luxurious art object, highlighting artistic quality and material properties, a centre piece that enhances and creates a special mood or setting for our special moments in life.


In my future work I want to move those thoughts forward and explore the possibilities of silver in a contemporary setting.

In my search for a new identity I will as a starting point remove all the pre-assumptions we have about silver today, from a historic, functional and social perspective. Instead I want to look at the unique properties silver has, and how we can relate those to our goals and values concerning functionality, sustainable production and social responsibility.

In order to find silvers role in contemporary society it’s important to identify the core qualities of silver.

I want to do this by studying the material  – focusing on unique characteristics such as value, weight, the broad spectrum of surface textures and it’s malleability. I also want to focus on visual expression, by using simple and limited construction principles.

I will hold these explorations up against principles such as: functionality, viable production and transparency in the process.

  • Functionality is the role the object holds within the context it’s placed – whether its public, private or institutional.
  • Viable production means being conscious about sourcing materials and environmental responsibility. So that the processes I use are primarily within my own workshop, with the tools and processes I master in that setting, and thereby eliminate unnecessary subcontractors.
  • Transparency in the process is attained by telling the story behind the concept, process and visual language in order to communicate the objects role.


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