My biggest & only exhibition this year


On Friday May 11th Collect, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, opens to the public. It’s the most prestigious fair for contemporary craft in the UK, and dare I say Europe.

I’m in it amongst the finest craftsmen, all represented by 31 Galleries from around the globe. It’s an honour to be exhibited there, and for that I’m very grateful.

This year I’ve created new work in the lines of my silver manifesto, which basically is about looking at silverware from a very contemporary perspective. My aim is to make silverware that fits in with our lives as they are now – meaning all that cleaning, polishing and tarnishing just doesn’t fit in a busy life, where the special moments can be spontaneous and don’t have to require a lot of preparation.

Check out the video I made about the Black Silver Wire Candlesticks here below. They are already black, so no need to polish or clean. The candle drippings can be removed with boiling water, and the wax thats left on the surface doesn’t interfere with tarnishing.


I’ve also made a series of 4 mini sculptures – only 3 got to go to Collect, you can see the last one here. They are made from the thought of using a more sustainable production method. So I’ve made them from silver scrap (or actually some of my older pieces – as I tend to recycle my work after 5 years or so). Everything is done in my workshop, by me. I’ve melted the silver, cast it into thick sheet, rolled it down (lot’s of sweat and woman power went into that) then pierced out the pattern and finally shaped them into mini sculptures inspired by the definitions of a bowl.

You can read more about Collect here.

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  1. It was so much fun to watch the process of how you make your work! I loved the fast-motion video so I could see everything. I had no idea how much time, attention, and care goes into your work. So amazing! Thanks for making the video, Sidsel!

  2. Thanks Jenny, I’m glad you found it fun. x

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