Sharing work in progress – when is the right time?

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Transparency is a good thing. I believe sharing how you do things is the most authentic form of marketing there is. It’s good for communicating, creating an understanding of how you run your business and make your products. Telling the story of the object, is like evaluating the process – it’s good for you, for […]

My biggest & only exhibition this year

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On Friday May 11th Collect, the International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects, opens to the public. It’s the most prestigious fair for contemporary craft in the UK, and dare I say Europe. I’m in it amongst the finest craftsmen, all represented by 31 Galleries from around the globe. It’s an honour to be exhibited there, […]

How to find out if your silver is silver!

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Tiffany has just launched their new metal Rubedo™. It’s a beautiful rose coloured metal, said to be lightweight but strong, with a smooth lustre. It should have the richness of gold, the malleability of silver and the warmth of copper – yet the components of the metal – also known as the alloy – is […]

Making a round lamellar silver dish

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I recently made this piece for a private client – if you have any questions about the process or the tools I use – please ask them in the comments below. Wanna show it to someone? By all means, share this…

My 2012 Silver Manifesto

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Being a silversmith is to me, first and foremost about communicating ideas about what role silverware plays in contemporary society. I believe, silverware as we know it from grandma’s drawers, have had its time, and I think its a unfair struggle to try to redefine and develop the trade in it’s original form. The history […]

Mingling with celebrities

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Last week I went to Copenhagen to receive a grant from Ole Haslunds ArtFund. That’s me with one of his descendants Peter Haslund – who came all the way from California to participate in the gathering. Here’s a bit about Ole Haslund  story – he was a promising artist in the beginning of 1900, and […]

How to restore the matt surface on my silver pieces

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Finally I got around to making the video of how you can easily restore the matt surface on one of my silver pieces. All you need is: Scotch-Brite Soap Here’s the video: If you liked it & know someone who could benefit, feel free to share it! I’m still in amazed by the amount of […]

How to make a piece in silver in 7.50 minutes

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Last Friday I received the  ‘Silversmith of the Year’ prize at Koldinghus Museum. At the same time the retrospective exhibition of my work through the last 8-9 years opened as well. Here’s a photo of me recieving the prize. As part of the exhibition, you can see a short film of me making the piece that […]

Silversmith of the year

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Now that it’s official, I can finally tell you that I’m going to be Koldinghus Museums Silversmith Of The Year. On October 14th 2011 I’ll be presented with the Karl Gustav Hansen Prize at Koldinghus Museum and from 15th October through 20th November there will be a retrospective exhibition of my work. At the moment […]