How to restore the matt surface on my silver pieces


Finally I got around to making the video of how you can easily restore the matt surface on one of my silver pieces.

All you need is:

  • Scotch-Brite
  • Soap
Here’s the video:
If you liked it & know someone who could benefit, feel free to share it!

I’m still in amazed by the amount of attention I’ve gotten since the award as ‘Silversmith of the Year’! I’m collecting all the press material and will be putting it out on the website in very near future, for you to se as well!

But if you haven’t seen the exhibition yet (and you’re in Denmark) you still have a chance to go and see it – it’s on till this Sunday (20th November 2011)

This month I’m also featured in a showcase at the Scottish Gallery, if you haven’t yet been to this fabulous Gallery in Edinburgh, now is a good time to go!

But I’m not just sitting on my behind, harvesting all the glamour of being ‘Silversmith of the Year’ although it feels very glamorous. I’ve been busy finalising a new website, where I’m taking up the teaching I did in UK, just online this time.