Cleaning Your Silver is as Easy as Polishing Your Shoes


Imagine you just spent a fair amount on a very nice pair of boots. You really love your new boots, and can’t wait to put them on.

But the lady at the shoe shop said you had to protect them with something you can’t quite remember what was – because you were too excited about buying the boots to really listen and now you’re not quite sure what to do.

Sounds like something that could happen to you?

This scenario could also have been about clothes, furniture, jewellery or silver. The fact is, that we are surrounded by things that need some kind of care in order to stay in good condition, but the care instructions are not always on hand.

I happen to know that a lot of my customers and people in general interested in silver – people like you, are a bit unsure about how to clean silver. And maybe it keeps you from enjoying the silver you have, or even from buying new.


Well – I can help you!

I’ve created this easy 3 Step Manual, a pdf that you can download to your computer – print out, if you want, with links to videos that show exactly how I do it. There’s even a link to the silver care products I use.

If you have a question about cleaning silver that isn’t covered in the manual, you can always ask me either via email or by posting on my services page here.


So go ahead and download your free copy of The 3 Step Manual by signing up for my newsletter here or in the right hand sidebar.

Happy Silver Cleaning!


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