Archetypes #1


In june this year I’ll be participating in an exhibition at Koldinghus with The Danish Silversmith’s Association. Just to quickly fill you in if you haven’t heard about us, it is a group of danish Silversmiths, who’s aim it is to have at least one exhibition a year, somewhere. The group hosted the Hammer Club last year – which was lots of fun – loads of silversmiths from all over Europe getting together and, well yes – do some hammering (theres a conference with speakers, seminars and of course a dinner as well, but it’s the hammering everyone comes for).

But, back to this years exhibition. The theme given out this year is ‘Archetypes‘. We have to each chose anĀ archetype and make an object for it – which is then to be exhibited with a photo of the archetype.

I must admit I found this a bit hard to start with, as I personally like a theme or brief to be as specific as possible. You might think an open brief like this is nice and easy, because I could do almost anything I wanted, but it actually isn’t.

Where to begin?

The Archetypes weren’t narrowed down – it could be anything from a baker to God. So I started by doing a test. Love tests! This one was about how you can find you business archetype and use it to brand your business. So I did it and scored the highest on … ta daa the Creator (this test was based on Jung’s 12 archetypes). Now, this is quite interesting, because the key-words linked to it are: vision, creativity, fantasy and entrepreneur-ship. Not bad for a professional silversmith – eh! But, it also had a motto: anything is possible! Which sort of left me back to square one.

My next step was to look creator up in my learners dictionary, and here the creator referred to – God!

So, I’m thinking it would be cool to make an object to God, as the creator (although I don’t have a picture of him). But as I’ve only just started my research – who knows where I’ll end up?